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Empowering Women and Girls to excel in businesses

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Welcome to Development and Relief Initiative – Uganda (DRI-Ug)

Our Vision

Communities that are economically, socially and politically emanicipated to take charge of their own destiny in development.

Our Mission

Working with the vulnerable rights holders and other development agencies to bring social, economic and political Development.

Who We Are

Development and Relief Initiative – Uganda (DRI-Ug) is a registered not for profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) in Uganda (2012). DRI-Uganda started in Eastern Uganda in 2010 as a CBO, and continues to work directly, and in collaboration with vulnerable populations and diverse organizations to build healthy, empowered and developed communities that are free from the effects of War, Displacement, Climatic Weather Shocks that lead to Food Insecurity, Disease, Poverty, negative Cultural beliefs & Practices, inadequate service delivery, poor agricultural practices.

What We Do

DRI-U strives to address a diversity of issues with in the context of emergencies,recovery and development in 4 thematic areas.

  • Business and income security.

  • Agriculture development programs for enhanced livelihoods and stability.

  • 3. Disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptionand humanitarian action in emergecies.

  • 4. Improved Health education of marginalized groups (PLWAs,Women,Youth, Children, Elderly, Refugees, etc).

Our Core Values

  • Team work.

  • Accountability.

  • Integrity.

  • Subsidiarity.

  • Equal opportunities.

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Some of the Projects we work on.

We target vulnerable women become economically self-reliant thanks to the support provided to them in starting businesses, and in accessing credit and social networks for socio-economic inclusion and transformation.

Our Partners

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“Learn to start with what you have. The entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t wait for the perfect day to start a business, but rather starts small with a vision for growth.“ Ruth Nakalembe


WHO ARE YOU MENTORING? WHO ARE YOU HELPING ON LIFE’S JOURNEY? Mentor ship is about supporting and encouraging someone on their life’s journey. Pouring your life into their life. At DRI-Ug we mentor women and girls in entrepreneurship /business initiation, planning and management.